Vacination Recommendations

We give DHPP at just or soon after 12 weeks of age; administer without stress related happenings in the puppy’s life (see chart below). Wait at least three weeks to take a Titer blood test to verify imunity..

Please note the urgency of inoculations is not that of what it has been in the past for most regions of the USA. A bit of research and discussion with those breeders that are raising their dogs holistically will help calm the thoughts of urgency for a new puppy owner. Work with your local veterinarian that promotes good health without extra drugs. Wait, if possible To have the rabies vaccine administered no sooner than 12 months of age, Wait as long as you can for that vaccine to be given.

Leptobactrin - we do not recommend.
Corona Virus Vaccine - we do not recommend. If required by trainer or kennel, give after 22 weeks.
Bordatella Vaccine - we do not recommend. If required by trainer or kennel, give after 22 weeks.
Rabies Vaccine – not to be given at same time as any other vaccine or during stress or surgery.

General Precautions During Vaccination Period:
Do not administer drugs, flea preventive, heartworm preventive or wormers.
Do not give any vaccines to a bitch "in season".
Do not give any vaccines to a pregnant or lactating bitch. Don’t incur undue stress.
Do not introduce air travel. Don't board outside the known home.

Note: Sick dogs are absolutely those on medication. The instructions on the vaccine vials cautions that the vaccine be administered to healthy dogs. Please be warned.


Do not vaccinate under stress; corticosteriods inhibit lymphocyte metabolism and cell growth. Adrenalin releases lymphocytic AMP (cyclic) which is immunosuppressive. Stress decreases the activity of natural killer cells.
Do not vaccinate within 2 weeks of surgery. Anesthetics are immunosuppressive.
Do not vaccinate before 6 weeks of age. MLV vaccine can cause encephalitis in pups under 4 wks.
Do not routinely vaccinate older animals after 6 months of age.
Do not administer multiple virus vaccines to dogs and cats in multiple animal households. Virus shedding can create increased virus particles in the environment.
Do not vaccinate sick animals or those who have been exposed to disease.
Do not vaccinate during glucocorticoid therapy. Be cautious with butazolidin, estrogens and insecticidal drugs including heartworm preventives.
Do not vaccinate animals with tumors, heart or kidney disease.