Making Pets Happy

"The ultimate benefit of the Enrichment Effect is increased emotional stability of the puppies.  Beter recovery from fear, less fear-based aggression, calmer, and quicker to learn basic commands."  Puppy Culture.

Creating Companion's...

"Puppy Culture - The Critical First 12 Weeks That Can Shape Your Puppy's Future" 

Diamond Show Poodles is a boutique poodle breeder in Fresno offering advanced puppies.  Puppies are trained from birth using a professional training program that includes Bio-Sensor early neurological stimulation and Puppy Culture .  We believe that this rare opportunity in the first 12 weeks of a puppies life are the most important for laying the foundation of early enrichment. During this Neonatel period if you stimulate the neorological system of a puppy, you can shape the puppy for the rest of his life.  This Early training opportunity can only be acheived during these few precious weeks, resulting in greater tolerance of stress greater resistance to disease, faster adrenal system, a stronger heart rate and heart beat.